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1. First blog entry

Servus Austrians!

This is our first blog entry.
In times like these it is even more important to look at each other and to support our local gastronomy businesses together. Therefore we have launched the initiative #hilfmeimhawara. So in the future you will be able to order online from your favourite landlord - where it was not possible before.
As soon as the restaurants open again in mid-May, you can use our contactless ordering platform in participating restaurants as usual. Based on the principle that the customer gets what he wants and the landlord generates sales, we are focusing on conscious digitalization and fairness in the restaurant business. At the moment, our platform, website and social media channels are still being programmed and designed for you.

We wish you all the best in this time
the ORDITO Team

The ordering platform from Austria for Austria

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2. An alternative during crisis

Currently, all catering establishments are expected to be closed until mid-May. After that, only a sluggish reintroduction of normal operations is to be expected. A circumvention of the current closure is possible with a delivery or collection service of food and beverages.

How can you set up a pick-up and delivery service for your business?
... simply, quickly and free of charge with Ordito.

All you have to do:
1. register with,
2. upload menu and
3. Prepare for the first order.

With the #hilfmeimhawara initiative, we support regional restaurateurs with a contactless online ordering platform.

Thereby they reach:
- avoid lengthy and cumbersome telephone orders,
- create more time for the important thing - cooking,
- to see all orders at a glance,
- not to miss and forget orders,
- and and and and ...

As soon as the restaurants and bars open again, we offer - as usual - the Ordito Sticker to further reduce contact points between customers and service personnel to a minimum.

Interested restaurateurs can contact us directly via

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3. The digital menu

Despite the corona pandemic, restaurants, cafés, pubs and bars in Austria will open again from 15 May.

The following conditions apply to catering establishments:
- Guarantee a minimum distance of 1 meter
- Design table setting (Do not set menus on the tables. Provide salt, pepper, ketchup, mayo etc. on request. Provide wipeable, foiled food and drink menus or alternatives such as a blackboard or paper place mats with the offer, provide digital card for guest's smartphone).
- Restrict buffets and front cooking
- Set special cleaning measures
- Place rules of conduct clearly visible for the guest

We have made it our task, above all point 2 - the table setting, to make Corona compliant for our customers. As prescribed by the Federal Ministry and the WKO, an optimal alternative to the foil-wrapped, wipeable menu

By means of a QR code, which is placed on every table in the restaurant, the guest can view the current menu of food and beverages on his or her own smartphone. This allows them to order their favorite food and drink SIMPLY AND QUICKLY without having to get in close contact with the service staff. As soon as the order is completed, it is sent directly to the bar and the kitchen and the preparation of the drinks and the food can begin immediately - AND ALL THAT WITHOUT CONTACT.

The missing table displays, such as salt, pepper, ketchup or mayo, can also be ordered using the QR code placed on the table. In addition, the "Online Payment" function can be selected to avoid another contact point. This simple and fast process allows guests and service personnel to reduce the contact points to a minimum, thus protecting the health of all persons.

There is no need for staff to worry. Because the food and drinks still have to be brought to the table and the tables cleaned after each guest. For more information about the digital menu and how you can purchase it for your company, please visit our website. (

further information:

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4. The 3 in 1 solution

We enable restaurateurs to transform the physical menu into a digital menu.
The digital menu can be used in three different areas:
- It enables customers to order their favorite food online from home or on the road and pick it up at the restaurant,
- and delivered,
- and additionally guests can order online from 15 May in the restaurant at the table to avoid contact points with the service staff.

No app or additional equipment is needed for this, registration is quick, simple application is guaranteed and during the Coronakrise use is free of charge.

Advantages of the digital menu:
- Contact points between service personnel and guests are reduced to a minimum
- Menus do not have to be wiped off
- Saves the cost and effort of printing wipeable, laminated menus
- Staff have more time for preparing food and drinks
- Products that are no longer for sale can be removed from the menu with one click
- Customers can study the menu in advance
- Lengthy and cumbersome discussions with customers are bypassed by digital orders

Setup of the digital menu:
1. register at
2. upload menu
3. send us your desired solution:
...we will get in touch with you!

You are not sure if the digital menu is suitable for you?
Then click through our demo version:
Go to: and use the table code: "Q91K".

All other questions can be directed to at any time. The ORDITO team wishes you success with your digital menu!

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5. Checklist for reopening

It's time! The beloved local gastronomy can reopen. The customers can hardly wait to stroll through the streets again and the gastronomy is already looking forward to welcoming them.
But there are still some points to consider, for this we provide you with our checklist.

- Put tables apart to keep a minimum distance between groups of guests (1m)
- Maximum of 4 adult guests (+ their children) per table
- Mouth and nose protection for personnel
- Buffets under certain conditions
- Thorough cleaning measures
- Opening hours from 06:00 to 23:00
- no free choice of table
- no menus on tables
- Disinfectable menus - preferably a digital

App free digital menu
We provide gastronomy companies and hotels with a free digital menu with order function for reopenings. Already well-known gastronomy and hotel businesses as well as retailers are among our customers. The Clou: also delivery and collection are possible!
For the order the guest does not need an app. As soon as a guest scans the QR code, he or she can order the desired food without contact. The order is then transmitted to the staff including the table information. The staff does not need to install any extra equipment or installations.

How can restaurant operators benefit?
In order to efficiently comply with government recommendations, the use of a digital menu is recommended. This is especially helpful for restaurateurs and hotel owners who can employ only a small number of staff. The digital ordering application saves the need to disinfect traditional menus and protects the staff by minimizing contact. We do not know high order commissions, as with competitors, and with our attractive pricing we represent a nice alternative. The starter package incl. delivery and pickup function is even free of charge in the long term and thus without minimum contract duration.
No matter if restaurant, hotel or Heuriger, with the application of Ordito everyone succeeds in reopening.

Legal notice: The source for our checklist is - We do not assume liability for restaurants that do not comply with the latest legal situation.

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6. First week after reopening

In the first week after the reopening of the gastronomy, the following balance can be drawn:

- Guests are happy - the hosts too
- Catering establishments are visited - but there was no huge rush
- The weather could have been better for the start
- Hope for stronger guest influx exists for most restaurants from the reopening of the accommodations
- Cleanliness should be a top priority - if you don't want to disinfect tables and menus after every guest change, create a digital menu (more on this below)
- Duty to wear masks takes getting used to, for those who wear glasses is tedious and makes breathing more difficult - the gastro salesman pleads that the duty is omitted when the numbers decrease
- Behavior on the way to the restaurant, to the toilet or to the table often seems unfamiliar, uncertain and unclear - this will only become familiar

The digital menu
To meet the implementation of the new hygiene requirements, the use of a digital menu is recommended. This is especially helpful for restaurateurs and hotel owners who can only employ a small number of staff. The digital application for ordering saves the need to disinfect traditional menus and protects the staff by minimizing contacts.

No matter if restaurant, hotel or Heuriger, with the application of Ordito the daily work routine for the staff is made easier.

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7. Hope for tourism

After the rather mixed reopening of the gastronomy on May 15, 2020, there is hope for tourism.
The reopening of the accommodation facilities is important in this context.

The tourism industry was hit hardest by the effects of the corona crisis. Therefore, measures to support businesses and employees are particularly needed here. In addition to the 3-month extension of short-time work, the German government has also introduced the new start bonus. All details can be found on the platform:

With the reopening on May 29, 2020, it is hoped that there will be an increase in guests in tourist areas. In these difficult times, one can see that not only foreign tourists, but also domestic day-trip guests and weekend vacationers are missing.

Until this happens, we help restaurant and hotel owners with our service. During the preparations for the reopening, we are helping to transform the classic menus into a free digital menu. This will reduce contacts between service personnel and guests. In other words, the guest can order without contact, the staff has more time to prepare the food and beverages and less staff creates more work steps. Orders are therefore processed quickly and easily.

You can find out how the digital menu is implemented on our website or write us your questions at
Here it goes directly to the registration:

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8. The digital solution for staff shortages

We have the solution!

Despite the current high unemployment rate, gastronomic companies are looking for personnel. In this situation, the digital menu is a great help for the restaurateur and his staff!

The use of a digital menu makes the daily work of the existing staff easier and can prevent the hiring of an additional employee. It is therefore very helpful for restaurateurs and hotel owners who can or want to employ only a small number of staff.
The digital application for ordering not only eliminates the need to disinfect traditional menus but also protects the staff by reducing contact points between staff and guests. In addition, there is no longer any need to take orders at the guest's table. This time can be used for the preparation of food and beverages.

By the end of the year, every restaurateur and hotel owner can create his digital menu
free of charge and without a minimum contract period with us to bypass the personnel search.

You are a restaurateur or hotel owner and have the same problem?

Then register directly at or send a message to


9. What is ORDITO actually?

ORDITO helps restaurateurs to design their menu digitally. The menu is thus visible online for the guests at any time.

How does it work?
As a restaurant owner you create your digital menu in a few steps at You will receive a link and QR code for your digital menu, which you can make available to your guests in the restaurant and online.
Via the link and QR code your guests will see all the specialties you currently offer.

Create your digital menu:

Your guests want to order online?
No problem! We integrate the ordering function into your digital menu. Your guests can order immediately in the restaurant using the QR Code and do not have to wait for the service staff.

You would like to offer your specialties outside the restaurant?
With one click your guests can pre-order from home or on the road and pick up their order at your restaurant. If you want, you can also deliver the order to them.

That sounds complicated?
It is not! Contact us at and we will answer all your questions!


10. Create more work steps in the same time

What do we mean when we talk about you as a gastronomer gaining time with your digital menu and creating more work steps?

When your guests view the menu online on their smartphones, you and your service staff don't have to spend time fetching and delivering the classic menu. Your specialties can be changed at any time with very little effort. This saves you the compilation and printing of daily and weekly menus. You also have no more menus to - what is currently very important - wipe and disinfect.

These often seemingly short periods of time accumulate in the daily work routine and can therefore be used sensibly for the well-being of the guests.

In addition to the purely digital menu, there is the possibility for your guests to order contactlessly via smartphone.
This eliminates the following activities for the service staff:
1. the way from the previous activity place to the table of the guest, where the order is taken
2. the order taking itself (which may sometimes be very lengthy).
3. the way from the guest's table to the bar and/or kitchen, where the order is prepared.
As soon as the order is sent and received by the staff, the staff can start preparing the food immediately. Points 2 and 3 of the above list are thus saved and their time is gained.

So what are you waiting for? Create your own digital version of your menu
You can always ask us for help with registration and setup:


11. Ordito is more than just a digital menu

The modular ordering system for the restaurant and hotel industry will make it easier for guests to order and serve their meals at the table or in their hotel room. We offer three versions of the digital menu:
the menu as a website,
the digital waiter assistance - menu with ordering function,
as well as out-of-house ordering functions - delivery/collection

Increase in sales through digitization
1. offer meals online
Thanks to the mobile ordering system, your guest can conveniently select the food and beverages on your homepage before visiting the restaurant. The application is very easy and fast.
2. the online ordering feeling for your guests
With the smartphone your guests can order directly from the table. The ordering system is easy to use. So your guests don't have to wait for service even during peak hours.
3. takeaway and delivery function included
Let your guests pre-order their meals online with the takeaway and delivery option. Benefit from less service staff and increase your turnover!
4. digital room service for hotels
With their own smartphones, your hotel guests can order their drinks directly from the couch in the wellness area or select their perfect breakfast egg online in the elevator. Business travelers have the possibility to pre-order lunch at a certain time in the hotel restaurant and active vacationers choose their dinner already on the climbed mountain top before returning to the hotel.
5. order and pay directly
The food and drinks can be paid in advance by the guests.

All guest orders are automatically displayed on the monitor including all information. Thus, the staff always has an overview of current orders and receives important information on packaging or delivery in real time.

Learn more about Ordito's digital catering solution here.


12. Further relaxations from 1 July 2020

The federal government has further loosened the rules for the catering industry. They are effective from 1 July 2020!

Restaurant employees no longer have to wear a mouth and nose protector. However, it is recommended.
Gastro businesses may be open between 05:00 and 01:00. Closed societies are excepted.
For buffets, the same regulations apply as for lodging establishments. Self-service is possible again.
In closed rooms 250 persons are allowed. From August 1, events (e.g. weddings, family celebrations) with up to 200 persons can take place again.

The loosening of the rules has proven to be relevant for the Austrian gastronomy, tourism and event industry. They can be implemented due to the stable low corona infections. Should this change, adjustments could be made.

So: Stay safe! Stay healthy!
Keep your distance! Wash and disinfect your hands!

You can find more detailed information about the loosening under


13. If you are not online, it is also harder offline.

What effects does the corona crisis have on the gastronomy?

As an expert in digital solutions, Ordito has put forward five theses on what restaurateurs can take away from the crisis. These include points such as the importance of a delivery service and the switch from lunchtime business. The fact is that everyone has to go digital. Because if you're not online these days, it's much harder offline.
1. ordering system
Corona has forced restaurateurs to work in a resource-saving and efficient way. This is possible above all through digital solutions. Digital orders are much more efficient, both for the guests and for the businesses. It relieves staff of time-consuming tasks, such as the tedious taking of orders by phone.
2. increase turnover through digital visibility
Digitization has received an enormous boost in all industries. Ordito is certain: "If you can't find what you want online, or can hardly find it at all, it's getting harder and harder offline. In the future, restaurateurs should rely on SEO-optimized entries via Google, activity on social media channels and a matching homepage design. Especially on Facebook and Instagram, potential customers spend time every day - so why not seize this opportunity and be active there as a company? Social media helps with daily contact with customers, promotes brand loyalty and brings positive evaluations that can increase sales in the long term.
3. delivery service is the trend
Delivery service offers have been booming since the Corona crisis - after all, during the lockdown they were the only source of income in the restaurant business allowed by the government. And still hygiene and distance regulations prevent a complete return to normality. That's why Ordito is sure that the out-of-home solution will remain an integral part of the sector in the future. Caterers have to adapt to a new reality and gain flexibility in their daily routine.
4. less lunch business
Since everyone had to stay at home, a home office concept quickly established itself in most companies across all areas. Since employees are now at home at lunchtime and do not go out to eat, the lunchtime business for the catering trade collapsed enormously. And here, too, some were able to escape by offering a delivery service.
5. cooking more yourself instead of going out to eat
Staying at home led to more and more people now cooking for themselves and not going out to eat as often. To profit from this trend, Ordito recommends that restaurateurs create digital cooking courses. In this way, missing income can be compensated and customer loyalty can be maintained. Who invests now in digitization, it will also profit in the future, Ordito is sure.


14. Second wave? Prepare correctly.

New travel warnings, stricter controls at the borders, new infections increase day by day. While in many countries around the world the first corona wave is just about to start its journey, the keyword "second wave" is already in our minds. Even in countries that have imposed particularly strict measures from the outset (such as South Korea and Israel), the number of cases is rising again. Researchers warn that the corona virus could come back with a vengeance. The first signs of this are the new infections of those returning from holiday and these will not decrease in the coming weeks.
So the question is: Will a second wave come - and if so, when?

The following developments point to a second wave:
- the current development in other countries
- the increasing mobility and more contacts
- the decreasing discipline for hygiene and rules of conduct
- the spread by people who do not show any symptoms
- the increasing number of vacation returnees
- keep the lack of discipline at a distance

What can you as a gastronomer do about it?
How can you prepare for a possible second wave?
Our suggestion: In order to prepare for a possible second wave, you need to expand your business. Have you ever thought about offering food for pick-up or delivering it directly to the customer's door? We all wish to return to normality as soon as possible, but even experts cannot say how badly a possible second wave could hit us. Therefore, it is better to take precautions immediately and have a solution for a possible closure of the restaurant in order to generate further income.

However, pre-orders for delivery and pick-up have long since ceased to have to be laboriously made over the phone. With the Ordito ordering system, the incoming orders come directly to the restaurateur's screen. No more confusion or misunderstanding of orders - Ordito is the solution!
Just send us an email to and we will send you more information about our ordering system.

Better precautions than aftercare!

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15. New restrictions for the gastronomy

As of today, stricter coronavirus measures are in force in Austria in the catering trade. The tightening measures announced by the government will continue to affect the industry.

Maximum of ten people at private parties and per table
As of today, there is an upper limit of ten people per table indoors, and masks are mandatory for guests in the restaurant. Also private celebrations with a host, such as weddings or birthday parties, are only possible for up to ten people.

General closing time at 1:00
Due to the increasing number of corona infections, the closing time at 1:00 a.m. has now been extended to closed societies. Especially the night gastronomy has to struggle with this.

Reduction of the tax rate until the end of 2021
The industry spokesman described the also announced extension of the reduced VAT rate until the end of 2021 as a "ray of hope in a challenging time". Nevertheless, he said it was important to continue to support the catering businesses in particular in order to compensate for the expected loss of income due to the tightened measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus.
There is still hope for a quick agreement on the fixed cost contribution as corona aid, which has now been blocked by the EU. The WKÖ area manager pleads that with the new measures of the government also fast and unbureaucratic assistance is necessary for the support of the gastronomes in the Corona time.

Economy has understanding for measures
The industry understands that additional measures against Covid-19 are being taken in view of rising infection rates. It is in everyone's interest that we in Austria quickly get the number of Covid-19 infected people under control again. The gastronomy sector recognizes that the new measures are necessary to ensure that a renewed lockdown is necessary due to the second wave.

Therefore, there is an urgent appeal to adhere to the new rules and to contribute to reducing the number of infections again. New digital possibilities for contactless ordering and payment are also recommended. Corona is currently presenting everyone with many new challenges, but Ordito will help you to increase your turnover again. The introduction of a digital menu is fast & easy. Just contact us at and we will provide you with an offer that fits your needs.

The Ordito Team wishes you continued success in these challenging times!

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